Dark Lotus - Swarm

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(God Is Here)
  (God Is Here)
  Necronomicon is coming
  (God Is Here)
  (God Is Here)
  [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
  Mass Murdera (Yeah)
  Strangla (Yeah)
  Wig Splitta (Whut)
  Mangla (Yeah)
  Blood sucking vampire
  Dark Lotus
  King of Fire
  [Violent J:]
  Swing off your ceiling fan
  Jump like an ape
  And stomp on your head
  Until it pops like a grape
  [Anybody Killa:]
  Break ya neck if ya dissrespect
  Bullet holes in your chest with my brand new tech
  Dark Lotus in this bitch so you better beleive
  That we don't give a fuck if you're left to bleed
  [Shaggy 2 Dope:]
  Sitting on a tree branch like a crow
  I'll hawk your every move
  Dropping down on muthafuckas backs
  And twist they heads like screws
  [Violent J:]
  Fuck you electric chair
  I don't care
  Bring it on bitch
  Crack an egg on my head
  I'll fry you an omelet
  [Shaggy 2 Dope:]
  Deep up in the woods naked
  I do my fire dance
  Around the pit I hop
  With my skull, drums, and voodoo chants
  [Jamie Madrox:]
  It'll never take shape
  It'll only mutate
  See the fetus with a microphone
  3 arms, 2 brains, and only one leg (only one leg)
  [Violent J:]
  Shoot me
  Blow a hole in my lung
  I'll lick out the hole
  When I swallow my tongue
  [Jamie Madrox:]
  Left alone in a world
  Where hating men is the key
  You can tell a judge was recreating
  All that shit you see on TV
  [Anybody Killa:]
  Pray for my soul you think it help
  Only wanna hit my 40 cause I'm trying to melt
  Hit you in ya backbone wich is deep
  Bodybag with a tag in the bottom of the creek
  [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
  Bullets percing through your skull
  Ram my fist into your jaw
  Retract my hand
  Release your teeth
  Yo chiclets falling to the street
  [Shaggy 2 Dope:]
  Pull your eyelids over your head
  Staple them to you skull
  Dump bleach into your eyes
  As I face fuck your girl
  This bread I eat
  This salt I swear
  As I inflate my self with prayer
  There is no grace
  There is no guilt
  This is the law
  Do what thy will
  [Shaggy 2 Dope:]
  A cup full of chicken blood
  Three shapes of a monkey paw
  I'll have you cutting through your own arm
  With a hacksaw
  [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
  Bone's exposed from the skin
  Blood drips from innocence
  Pulling lungs up outta chest
  Leaving bodies where they rest
  [Anybody Killa:]
  Where you gonna be when the sun goes down?
  And six petals rise up from the ground
  Lotus Pod fully grown about to take you home
  To the land of smog where you're free to roam
  [Jamie Madrox:]
  When we attack
  We attack like a swarm
  Punch you through your face
  Rip off your neck
  I play my rythm on your vocal chords
  [Violent J:]
  I walk on your ceiling
  And drop thread in your mouth
  Let poisin drip down it
  And silently take you out
  [Jamie Madrox:]
  One bee
  Protecting the hive
  We stay alive
  I'm on overdrive
  With my axe
  Will you survive?
  [Shaggy 2 Dope:]
  We'll conformulate a plan
  Reflex come and take control
  With my hand in broken glass
  And pull your heart out through you butthole
  [Violent J:]
  My eyeballs are black
  My tears drip like oil
  I fuck holes in my yard
  And grow children from soil
  [Shaggy 2 Dope:]
  The eyes of the dead
  They come back alive
  And wipe the air out your lungs
  Now I see through your eyes
  [Anybody Killa:]
  Dark Carnivals in this bitch
  Waiting for he to come an start some shit
  Point blank with the heat cased at me
  Labeled a killa cause I bust a cap in anybody
  [Violent J:]
  Scientists study me
  But they always quit
  Cause I eat through my butthole
  And talk nothing but shit
  [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
  Dark Lotus
  Murder without no premeditation
  Demons from beyond the earth
  Creeping on out the dirt
  They always said it wouldn't last
  But we're still here though time has past
  Our souls were sent to spread the word
  And shine the light until done heard
  [Chorus repeats till end]
  ["Gods resurrection" also repeats till end]

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