Teksty piosenek / D / Danni Leigh

  29 Nights

  Back in your arms again

  Beatin my head against the wall

  Can't build a better love

  Chain gang

  Chain me

  Cruel heart

  Divide and conquer

  Don't feel like cryin

  Far cry from here

  He used to say that to me

  Honey i do

  House of pain

  How does it feel to you

  I don't feel that way anymore

  I feel a heartache

  If the jukebox took teardrops

  Last train to San Antone

  Little things

  Longnecks and cigarettes

  Mixed up mess of a heart

  My last chance is gone

  Ol' lonesome

  Somebody oughta do something


  Teardrops, teardrops

  Touch me

  Trying to get over you

  Weren't you the one

  What'cha gonna do


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