Teksty piosenek / D / Daniel Johnston

  1989 Blues

  Almost got hit by a truck



  Bloody rainbow

  Blue cloud

  Burn baby burn


  Chord organ blues

  Circus man

  Cold hard world

  Come see me tonight

  Crazy love

  Dead lover's twisted heart

  Delusion - confusion

  Don't act nice

  Don't be scared

  Don't let the sun

  Do you really love me

  Evening stars

  Excuse me


  Follow that dream

  For the love of pete

  Foxy girl


  Freak out



  Going down

  Happy time

  Harley man

  Heart, mind and soul

  Held the hand

  Honey i sure miss you

  I am a baby

  I can't think anymore

  I had lost my mind

  I killed the monster

  I know what i want

  I live for love

  I will

  Jelly beans

  Just can't get over you

  Life in vain

  Lousy weekend

  Loved defined

  Love wheel

  Mind contorted

  Mountain top

  My little girl

  Psycho nightmare

  Sad sac - Tarzan

  Silly love

  When i met you

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