Teksty piosenek / D / Dan Hill


  14 Today

  All alone in California

  All i see is your face

  All i want is you


  Can't we try



  City madness

  Daddy's song

  Dance of love

  Ev'ry time we say goodbye


  Fourteen today

  Growing up

  Healing power of love

  Hold me now

  Hold on

  I dream i saw your face last night

  I fall over again

  If you should leave me now

  I'm doing fine

  In your eyes

  It's a long road

  I've been alone

  I wanna be with you

  I wanna make love to you

  Let the song last forever

  Looking back

  Love of my life

  Maybe this time

  Mc Carthy's day


  Never thought


  Perfect love



  Questions marks in time


  Seduces me

  Seed of music

  She's my lady

  Sometimes when we touch

  Sour whiskey

  The night we met


  We try

  Wrapped around your finger

  You make me want to be

  You say you're free

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