Teksty piosenek / D / Dag Nasty

  100 Punks

  All ages show

  Ambulance song

  Another wrong

  Average man

  Bottle this

  Broken days

  Can i say


  Crucial three

  Dag Nasty

  Dear Mrs. Touma

  Down time



  Field day


  Going down

  Here's to you


  I've Heard


  La Penita

  Lie down and die



  Million days

  Minority of one


  Never go back

  Never green lane

  One to two


  S.F.S (Sound for sound)

  Simple minds

  Staring at the rude boys

  Still waiting

  The godfather

  Things that make no sense

  Thin line

  Throwing darts

  Trouble is


  Turn it down

  Twisted again

  Typical youth

  Under your influence

  Values here

  Wasting away

  We went wrong

  What now

  When i move

  White flag

  Wig out at denko's

  You're mine

  Your words

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