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  Abscense Makes The Day Go Longer

  A Career In Transcendence

  After The Movies

  A Gentleman Caller

  A Little Song And Dance

  Am I Not Yours?

  A Red So Deep

  Art Is Hard

  Bloody Murderer

  Break In The New Year

  Butcher The Song

  Ceilings Crack

  Dedication To Desertion

  Downhill Racers

  Driftwood: A Fairy Tale

  Driftwood - a fairy tale

  Eight Light Minutes

  Escape Artist

  Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn Around The Bedr

  Fairytales Tell Tales

  Harold Weathervein

  Herald! Frankenstein

  Making Friends And Acquaintances

  May Flowers

  Mothership, Mothership, Do You Read Me?

  Northern Winds



  Semantics Of Sermon

  Shallow Means, Deep Ends


  Sink To The Beat

  Sinner's Serenade

  Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand

  Some red handed slight of hand

  Staying Alive

  Tall Tales, Telltales

  Target Group


  The Casualty

  The Dirt Of The Vineyard

  The Farewell Party

  The Game Of Who Needs Who The Worst

  The Great Decay

  The Lament Of Pretty Baby

  The Martyr

  The Night I Lost The Will To Fight

  The Radiator Hums

  The Recluse

  The Rhyme Scheme

  The Road To Financial Stability

  The ugly organist


  Warped The Wood Floors

  When Summer's Over Will We Dream Of Spring

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