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Crucial Conflict - I'm Bout to Explode

Tekst piosenki:

  I'm bout to explode
  I don't know when I'm gonna go, I got so much been on my mind
  Every time I look around, I try to prevent going down
  From locked up or even dying
  I can dig the problem
  I can see whats going on, its a fucking warzone
  With the thieves in the hood don't look good
  Never ever thought she could jump off like that now
  O.G.'s done backed down, you eased a step down
  Everybody wanna have the crown
  Every breath you benefit the sin
  We gonna have to keep fighting them mugs within
  Now it is killing before whats killing you niggas that started out friends
  You win, the wrong for what you doing
  You need to start snatching, kick out the mob
  Can't show no love at all, don't even turn back
  Anyway homie wasn't all that
  If he was real he wouldn't even have caused him that
  I hum to Allah, I'm wanted by far, and he disinfected that
  So long I been known, don't think its the law in the loves of loves
  In a positive demonstration
  That we could never conquer shit and defend no more
  High-Tech young niggas with a little scratch, could be richer
  Hustling to make enough to buy the shit I need
  Like a bag of weed, I was blind now a nigga see everything
  Brothers strapping up on this thang, timing's off, feel the pain
  Let the hood done laid out, shits way out, no way out
  Murder to the lunatics, them the tricks that was talking that shit
  Took the test to the brain, rip em' off, vest off, pull the mask off
  Smoke that bitch, what a mess
  I suggest, we suggest, fuck each other up
  Look into the mind of a Flic' born westside
  Mount Sainai in the flesh bless my
  Niggas with the bottle, get the top
  Then pour out the back door when its war
  Armor to your brothers stay clean
  Watch your back young brothers I mean
  My hood is burned up, and burned up is my hood
  We ?kicked bout' a foot?, don't own a hood
  I took too much then too much, now I don't know where to turn
  Or who it may concern, life and death all I've learned
  I've earned my respect in the hood, but the shiesty still pulling moves
  You a man for the man, thats another point he was trying to prove
  Got your own mind, might as well use it for yourself
  Cause you'se your own man to the right, to the left, all is well
  And it's one thing I believe in, don't ever leave and retrieve
  Killers jumping off by the evenings now
  97' just another hunting season
  Niggas in it 6 feet deep and no reason dying freely
  Back in the days on Chicago Avenue, (?)
  Niggas used to bang for the kicks to slang cain
  Hustle and rain pain niggas
  Once there was a little brother who ruled across the street with his crew
  Fast pacing everyday, facing murder situations
  Gang affiliation makes you kill a nation
  Take another life a day, smoking, hoping just to get away
  Put it in the raw, I'm 'bout to go boom
  Y'all can't help but to talk, it's us against the law
  That shit backing people off from the gator alley in the whole
  I don't know where the hell to go
  Cause my life is like a pack of (?)
  Having brothers capping, it's a free for all in my motherfucking hood
  And it ain't good, if I got to die for my Flict' then I would
  Every day is numbing
  If you didn't count your blessings boy then you really should
  Until the final tic 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 out
  So much shit on my mind
  I can't find the time to free myself from going down
  Best to antici-pains and pressure, no lesser than human situations
  Erasing, ruin doing time in the mind
  Like to wild em' down, bullets flying, mommas crying, niggas lying
  Reason for the rhyme let the spirit climb
  You thinking different, defending for the real of it
  Flic' in this forever, finally letting in Chicago, tear a little
  Never on a pedastool, want to jump up off it then let it go
  Easy it's about to blow, like how much longer can I go
  How many situations before I just go below, catch up with my funeral
  Caught up and brought up in it into dimensions
  The feeling like I can't take it no more
  The mission is dealing with pressure
  Pressure is the death certificate and that will get cha'
  Wet cha', leave you on a stretcher, I bet cha'
  He shook off and looking for shelter
  Help a man and give a helping hand, stand by the plan
  Struggle the daily double, double trouble the mold
  I redoubled the O in the roll, let it go then explode

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