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CRAIG'S BROTHER - Dear Charlotte

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Memory conveys that you were something to be
  When you weren't held captive in an aged body
  You had a family that needed you and job security
  You had everything a man could ever need
  But where did your children go? Where is your family?
  Did they turn into the adults that you always hoped they'd be?
  Did you finally retire from that job that tortured you?
  I thought all your dreams had come true
  So why are you depressed when your life is at it's best
  Is it really cause it's not what it seems?
  Or are you unable to see that you should be happy
  'Cause your still living in yesterday's dreams
  Your eldest son reminds you of the way life used to be
  When you didn't bear the chains of matrimony
  You had no job that you hated, no responsibility
  You were youthful and careless and free
  And the woman you wed, she seemed better in bed
  When there wasn't a ring on her finger
  Yes your life seemed all right when you partied all night
  Those days are gone, does the flavor still linger?
  Don't tell me life would be great if you were reprobate
  And had friends who were losers and fiends
  You've a family a wife and a meaningful life
  But you're still holding on to yesterdays dreams
  Loneliness reduces you to disharmony
  Your life seems so hopeless and melancholy
  You're still young but you can't find the strength to move on
  Now that the woman who loves you is gone
  Did you find she wasn't so close when you needed her most
  Is it hard facing up to rejection?
  You might understand that she needed a man
  But you're still seeking maternal protection
  Don't give up you're still young and your life's just begun
  At every corner opportunity screams
  Sometimes life is abrupt but it's time to grow up
  And stop clinging to yesterday's dreams

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