Teksty piosenek / C / Cradle Of Filth

  A black age of fire

  Absinthe with faust

  A crescendo of passion bleeding

  A dream of wolves in the snow

  A gothic romance

  All hope in eclipse

  Amor e morte

  A murder of ravens in fugue

  An enemy led the tempest

  As deep as any burial

  Babalon A.D.

  Bathory aria

  Beauty slept in sodom

  Beneath the howling stars

  Benighted like usher

  Better to reign in hell

  Black metal

  Born in a burial gown


  Coffin fodder

  Cruelty brought thee orchids

  Cthulhu dawn

  Damned in any language

  Dawn of eternity

  Death comes ripping

  Death magick for adepts

  Desire in violent overture

  Doberman pharaoh

  Dusk and her embrace

  English fire

  Fear of the dark

  Filthy little secret

  For those who died

  Fraternally yours, 666

  From the cradle to enslave

  Funeral in carpathia


  Gilded cunt

  Hallowed be thy name

  Haunted shores

  Heaven torn asunder

  Hell awaits

  Her ghost in the fog

  Humana inspired to nightmare

  Hurt and virtue

  Last night i was alone

  Lord abortion

  Lustmord and wargasm

  Malice through the looking glass


  Medusa and Hemlock

  Mother of abominations


  Noctrunal supramacy

  No time to cry

  Nymphetamine (Fix)

  Nymphetamine (Overdose)

  Of dark blood and fucking

  Of mist and midnight skies

  Once upon atrocity

  Presents from the poison-hearted

  Queen of winter, throned

  Saffron's curse

  Satanic mantra

  Scorched earth erotica

  Serpent tongue

  She mourns a lengthening shadow


  Sodomy and lust

  Suicide and other comforts

  Summer dying fast

  Swansong for a raven

  Tearing the veil from grace

  Thank god for the suffering

  The black goddess rises

  The forest whispers my name

  The principle of evil made flesh

  The promise of fever

  The rape and ruin of angels

  The raping of faith

  The smoke of her burning

  The twisted nails of faith

  Thirteen autumns and a widow

  To Eve the art of witchcraft

  Tortured soul ssylum

  Unbridled at dusk

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki