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  Bitter And Then Some

  Buried But Breathing


  Color Me Blood Red




  Distance And Meaning


  Farewell Note To The City

  Fault And Fracture

  Flowers And Razorwire


  For You

  Heaven In Her Arms

  Hell To Pay

  High Cost of Playing God

  Home Song


  In Harm's Way

  Jacob's Ladder

  Jane Doe


  Locust Reign

  Love as Arson


  My Great Devestator

  My Unsaid Everything

  Phoenix In Flames

  Phoenix In Flight


  Ten Cents


  The Broken Vow

  The Human Shield

  The Saddest Day

  They Stretch For Miles

  This is Mine

  Towing Jehovah



  When Forever Comes Crashing

  Year of the Swine

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