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Consumed - Chop Suicide

Tekst piosenki:

it's a part of me
  it's just the way I am
  and I love the way
  that it makes me feel today
  it can be arranged
  I can make you see
  take a piece of mind
  and look inside of me
  there is nothing better
  than to spend the day with you
  doing all the things
  that you really shouldn't do
  give them time of day
  take it all away
  keep it to ourselves
  better off this way
  it's just a feeling
  I can do without
  look at all the fools
  wind them up
  and watch them go
  looking for the answers
  only we know
  I don't mean to brag
  I've got it in the bad
  I'm a lucky man
  appreciate it while I can
  it's just a feeling
  I can do without

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