Teksty piosenek / C / Common

  1, 2 Many


  8 minutes to s

  8 minutes to sunrise

  A film called

  All night long

  Another wasted nite with

  Any given sunday

  A penny for my thoughts



  A song for assata

  Between Me, You & Liberation

  Blows to the temple

  Book of life

  Breaker 1/9

  Can i bust

  Car horn

  Charms alarm

  Chatper 13


  Come Close

  Come close remix

  Come close to me

  Common freestyle



  Don't come my way

  Dooin it

  Electric Wire Hustler Flower

  Electric wire hustler flower

  Embrace the chaos

  Food for funk

  Full moon

  Funky for you

  Geto heaven (part II)

  Gettin down at the amphitheater



  Heidi hoe

  High expectations


  I am music

  I Got A Right Ta

  In my own world



  I used to love H.E.R

  I've Been thinking

  Just in the nick of rhyme

  Life goes on

  Like they used to say


  Making a name for ourselves

  Maybe one day

  My city

  Nag champa

  New Wave

  New wave

  Nuthin to do

  One four love part I

  Orange pineapple juice

  Payback is a grandmother

  Pitchin pennies

  Play dis

  Pop's rap III

  Puppy chow

  Real nigga quotes

  Remaning me of

  Reminding me




  Retrospect for life

  Slam pit

  Soul by the pound

  Soul power

  Star 69

  Stolen moments (Part I)

  Stolen moments (Part II)

  Stolen moments (Part III)

  Sum shit i wrote

  Take it E.Z


  The 6th sense

  The 6th sense (deutsche)

  The bitch in yoo

  The bizness

  The light

  The light (remix)


  The questions

  The remedy

  The sun god

  The truth




  Time travelin

  Tricks up my sleeve

  Two scoops of raisins

  U.N.I.verse at war

  Verbal murder 2


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