Collective Soul - Listen

Tekst piosenki:

Hey you're now thirsty
  Walking in the desert all alone
  Hey you're now searching
  Lost in isolation from your soul
  The bullets you bite
  From the pain you request
  You're finding harder to digest
  And the answers you seek
  Are the ones you destroy
  Your anger's well deployed
  Hey why can't you listen
  Hey why can't you hear
  Hey why can't you listen
  As love screams everywhere
  Hey you now hunger
  Feeding your mind with selfishness
  Hey you now wander
  Aimlessly around your consciousness
  Your prophecies fail
  And your thoughts become weak
  Silence creates necessity
  You're clothing yourself
  In the shields of despair
  Your courage now impaired
  You crucify all honesty
  No signs you see do you believe
  And all your words just twist and turn
  Reviving just to crash and burn
  You're fighting till the bitter end
  If only your heart could open up
  And listen

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