Cock Robin - Manzanar

Tekst piosenki:

Suspicion\'s breeding here
   The tonw\'s going insane.
   It\'s like a roundup
   Boarding people on a cattle train.
   Anything you can\'t stop
   Paranoia is a remedy.
   We can do anything we want
   Hiding out in Owens Valley.
   Full moon over Manzanar
   A little piece of the Rising Sun
   We\'ll make a brand new start
   And wait for peace to come.
   Ah, but I love my country
   I am native born.
   Are there enough of us,
   To take the world by storm?
   And wait for peace to come
   Without a cause between us
   Until this war is won,
   We\'ve got our pride to keep us.
   There is no pride.

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