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Cock Robin - Hunting down a killer

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I\'d settle for a strand of hair
   Lying on a pillow case.
   Just one, to understand
   Why I can\'t sleep,
   If I could find a cigarette
   Left burning in an ashtray
   That would be enough
   Prove for me,
   That would be enough.
   Hunting down a killer
   I\'m working out the truth.
   Hunting down a killer
   But I haven\'t got a clue.
   I haven\'t got a clue.
   If I could catch a silhouette
   Moving behind closed blinds
   I\'m sure I\'d find another
   Moving jointly.
   I would take an honest man
   That fumbles for an alibi
   If I believed he just might be.
   If I believed...
   I will find those illusive hands
   That tear at the insides
   Of some pitiful man.
   Oh, so handsome
   So much that it hurts,
   With hands that seize and illegally search.

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