Cock Robin - El norte

Tekst piosenki:

It\'s a million miles
   A giant place
   Like a work of art
   Amazing, amazing
   Fast cars that cannot move
   Die for a parking space
   Stuck on a carousel
   Crazy, it\'s crazy
   When you laugh
   Till you cry
   When you laugh
   (Chorus) All\'s well here in El Norte
   Who\'d have thought it
   could be like this
   Big money for a job well done
   I swear to you
   I got a ride from a coyote
   Who sells high on the black market
   So your loved one
   can be home soon
   So your loved one
   can be home soon
   Fine women with dress-up clothes
   Say and do anything
   Wake up to work the day
   Tousled and tangled
   Rub shoulders with the downtown gang
   Where the Virgin lives
   Just like a movie star
   Hopeful and graceful
   When she smiles
   Till you laugh
   Till you cry
   (Repeat Chorus)
   Maybe I don\'t understand it
   Maybe I won\'t cry
   But nobody seems too satisfied
   (Repeat Chorus)

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