Teksty piosenek / C / C-Murder

  A 2nd chance

  A kick doe

  Been a long time


  Can't hold me back

  Closin down shop



  Concrete jungle

  Constantly in danger

  Criminal minded

  Damned if they murder me

  Don't matter

  Don't play no games

  Don't wanna be alone

  Down 4 my niggas

  Down for my b's

  Do you wanna ride


  Duck & run

  Feel my pain

  Forever tru


  Gangsta walk

  Get bucked, get crunked

  Get n paid

  Ghetto boy

  Ghetto millionaire

  Ghetto ties

  G's and macks

  How a thug like it


  I be damned if they murder me

  I'm not just


  I remember

  Keep it real

  Let me see

  Life or death

  Like a jungle

  Livin legend

  Lord help us

  Making moves

  Money talks

  Murder and Daz

  Nasty chick

  Nl iggaz

  Nl soulja

  On da block

  Only the strong survive

  On my enemies

  On the run

  Picture me


  Ride on dem bustas


  Show me luv


  Staring at these walls

  Still makin moves

  Street keep callin

  Street thugs

  Survival of the fittest

  That Calliope

  The truest shit

  They don't really know you

  They want my money

  Thug boy

  Thug in yo life

  Too much noise

  Want beef

  Watch yo enemies

  What u gonna do

  What you bout

  Where do we go

  Where i'm from

  Where we wanna

  Would you hesitate

  Young ghetto boy

  Young thugs

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