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Clint Black - Nobody's home

Tekst piosenki:

   Move slowly to my dresser drawers
  Put my blue jeans on
  Find my cowboy boots, my button down
  Strap my timepiece on my arm
  Grab my billfold, my pocket change
  Just a mindless old routine
  Then it's out the door and down the street
  But it's not really me
  I still comb my hair the same
  Still like the same cologne
  And I still drive that pickup truck
  That the same old bank still owns
  But since you left, everybody says
  I'm not the guy they've known
  The lights are on, but nobody's home
  Cup of coffee in the morning
  Just food for the brain
  But I've been numb since our last goodbye
  I haven't felt a thing
  But now there's pains in my head
  And pains in my chestAnd I think I'm losing my hair
  I'm a half a man with half a mind
  To think you didn't care
  Repeat chorus

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