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Clint Black - Killin' time

Tekst piosenki:

   You were the first thing that I thought of
  When I thought I drank you off my mind
  When I get lost in the liquor
  You're the only one I find
  And if I did the things I oughta
  You still would not be mine
  So I'll keep a tight grip on the bottle
  Gettin' loose and killin' time
  This killin' time is killin' me
  Drinking myself blind thinkin' I won't see
  That if I cross that line and they bury me
  I just might find I'll be killin' time for eternity
  I don't know nothin' 'bout tomorrow
  I've been lost in yesterday
  I've spent all my life just dying
  For a love that passed away
  And if there's an end to all my sorrow
  And this is the only price I'll pay
  I'll be a happy man when I go
  And I can't wait another day
  Repeat chorus

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