Teksty piosenek / C / Clawfinger

  15 Minutes of fame

  Are you man enough

  Are you talking to me

  Back to the basics


  Biggest & The Best



  Burn in hell

  Catch me





  Die High

  Don't get me wrong

  Don't look at me

  Don't wake me up

  Do What i Say

  Easy Way Out


  Fake a friend

  Fool in paradise

  Four letter word

  Get it

  Hold your head up

  I can see them coming

  I close my eyes

  I don't care

  I guess i'll never know

  I'm your life and religion

  I need you


  Kick it

  Live like a man

  Manic depression

  Money, power, glory


  Nigger (deutsche)

  Nobody knows

  Not even you

  Nothing going on

  Out to get me

  Pay The Bill

  Pin Me Down

  Point of no return


  Recipe for hate



  Sad to see your sorrow

  Simon says

  Step aside

  The truth


  Two sides

  Two steps away




  Waste my time

  What Are You Afraid Of

  When everything crumbles

  Where are you now

  Wipe My Ass

  Wonderful world

  World domination

  Wrong state of mind

  Zeros & heroes

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