Teksty piosenek / C / Clan of Xymox

  7th time

  A day

  After the call

  Agonized by love

  All fold up

  All i have

  A million things


  A single day

  At the end of the day

  At your mercy


  Back door

  Believe me sometimes

  Blind hearts

  B who you wanna b





  Dancing barefoot


  Down to earth


  Dream on

  Falling down

  Going round 97





  Internal darkness

  Into the web

  It's all a lie

  It's your life

  I want you now

  Jasmine and rose



  Mark the days




  Muscoviet musquito

  Number 1

  Out of the rain

  Phoenix of my heart

  Reaching out




  Senses coalesce


  Sing a song

  Smile like heaven

  Something's wrong


  Special friends

  Spiritual high

  Taste of medicine

  The bitter sweet

  The child in me

  The shore down under

  The story ends

  This world

  Tightrope walker

  Troubled soul




  Written in the stars

  Your vice

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki