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Ciara - Goodies (remix)

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   by feat. T.I.
  My goodies, my goodies, my goodies
  Not my goodies
  [verse 1: Jazze Pha]
  Ladies and gentlemen
  Whoa whoa, whoa
  Say, looky, looky, aw suki, suki
  Want them goody goodies
  That's my pookie tuki G
  One girl, get your back up off the wall
  Do that 'Matrix' part, but don't fall
  Aw, naw we ain't never done it
  You want a hit, stamp SO' NUFF on it
  (Ladies and gentlemen) pay attention
  Ciara's what the game's been missin'
  I ain't come here to play with y'all
  And naw I don't play no ball, I just ball
  Drinks for all y'all, gin gale in it
  Put your cups up, Zin Zale sent it
  [verse 2: Ciara]
  You may look at me and think that I'm
  Just a young girl
  But I'm not just a young girl
  Baby this is what I'm lookin for
  Sexy, independent, down-to-spend it type that's gettin' his dough
  I'm not bein' too dramatic, that's the way I gotta have it
  I bet you want the goodies
  Bet you thought about it
  Got you all hot and bothered
  Maybe cause I talk about it
  Lookin' for the goodies
  Keep on lookin' cause they stay in the jar
  Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh
  [verse 3: Ciara]
  Just because you drive a Benz
  I'm not goin' home wit you
  You won't get no nookie or the cookies
  I'm no rookie
  And still I'm sexy, independent
  I ain't wit it, so you already know
  I'm not bein' too dramatic, that's the way I gotta have it
  You may feel slick, tryin'a hit
  But I'm not dumb
  I'm not bein' too dramatic, it's just how I gotta have it
  [verse 4: T.I.]
  You way too hot to keep ya goodies on lock
  I don't need a locksmith, I got the key to that box
  I wanna see you next to me in that drop
  Us chillin' in Tahiti, no shoes, no socks
  Maybe in Jamaica, poppin' bottles on the Yacht
  Then back in Miami, grand hustle, no stop
  Give it to me cause you wanna, I ain't workin' for it
  You can keep ya nigga, look at me, look at me
  (You think I'm payin' for it)
  [verse 5: Ciara]
  You're insinuating that I'm hot
  But these goodies boy, are not
  Just for any of the many men, that's tryin'a get on top
  No you can't call me later
  And I don't want your number
  I'm not changin' stories, just respect the play I'm callin'
  [chorus 2x]

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