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Ciara - Goodies

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(feat. Petey Pablo)
   My Goodies
   My Goodies
   My Goodies
   Not my goodies!
   [Verse 1: Petey Pablo]
   I got a sick reputation
   for handlin broads
   All I need is me
   a few seconds or more.
   And in my rap
   Tell valet to bring my \'Lac
   And I ain\'t comin back
   So you can put a car right there.
   I\'m the truth
   And ain\'t got nothin\' to prove.
   An you can ask anybody
   Cuz they seen me do it.
   Barracades, I run right through \'em
   I\'m used to \'em.
   Throw all the dirt you want
   it\'s no use.
   You still won\'t have a pinup
   in a fabulous room
   On her back
   pickin\' out baskets of fruit.
   (I love you boo)
   Yeah freak
   and Petey love you too.
   Ha Ha
   You know how I do.
   [Hook: Ciara]
   You may look at me
   and think that I\'m
   Just a young girl
   But I\'m not just a young girl.
   Baby this is what I\'m lookin\' for:
   Sexy, independent
   down to spend it type
   that\'s gettin\' his dough
   I\'m not bein\' too dramatic
   that\'s the way I gotta have it.
   [Chorus: Ciara]
   I bet you want the goodies.
   Bet you thought about it.
   Got you all hot and bothered.
   Mayb\' cause I talk about it.
   Lookin for the goodies
   Keep on lookin\'
   cause they stay in the jar
   Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh
   [Verse 2: Ciara]
   Just because you drive a Benz
   I\'m not goin home with you.
   You won\'t get no nookie or the cookies
   I\'m no rookie.
   And still I\'m
   Sexy, independent
   I ain\'t wit\'
   it so you already know.
   I\'m not bein too dramatic
   that\'s the way I gotta have it
   You think you\'re slick
   Tryna hit
   But I\'m not dumb
   I\'m not bein too dramatic
   it\'s just how I gotta have it
   [Verse 3: Petey Pablo]
   So damn hot but so young.
   Still got milk on ya tongue
   Slow down lil one
   And you ain\'t got it all
   Hey shawty
   You think you bad but you ain\'t bad
   I\'ll show you what bad is.
   Bad is when you
   capable of beatin\' the baddest.
   I been workin\' at it
   since I came to this planet
   And I ain\'t quite there yet
   but I\'m gettin\' better at it.
   Matter of fact,
   Lemme tell it to you one mo\' again
   All I got to do is tell a girl
   who I am (Petey!)
   Ain\'t naa chick in here
   dat I can\'t have
   Bada boom bada bam ba bam!
   [Verse 4: Ciara]
   You\'re insinuating that I\'m hot
   But these goodies boy are not
   Just for any of the many men
   that\'s tryna get on top.
   No you can\'t call me later
   And I don\'t want your number.
   I\'m not changin\' stories
   Just respect the play I\'m callin\'.
   [Chorus (2 times)]
   Yeah Uh Uh Uh

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