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Chumbawamba - Idris strike song

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Have you been to work at Idris?
   No we won\'t go in today!
   For we\'re standing by our comrade
   And we\'ll never run away
   She stood bravely by the Union
   And she spoke up for us true
   And if she gets the sack
   No we never shall go back
   What e\'er they do, what e\'er they do
   Now you boys who\'re washing bottles
   It really is a shame
   To take the place of women
   Don\'t you think you are to blame?
   Come with us and join the Union
   Never heed what Idris say
   We are out to right the wrong
   And now we shan\'t be long
   Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray
   Master Willy, master Willy
   You must give in once again
   It was wrong to sack a woman
   With two children to maintain
   Thirteen years she\'s faithful served you
   Though she was three minutes late
   But our little sister Anne
   Why she never checked the man
   At the gate, at the gate
   Oh you great king in the palace
   And you statesman at the top
   When you\'re drinking soda water
   Or imbibing ginger pop
   Think of some who work at Idris
   For very little pay
   And who only get nine bob
   For a most unpleasant job
   Alackaday, alackaday
   Now then girls all join the Union
   Whatever you may be
   In pickles, jam, or chocolates
   Or packing pounds of tea
   For we all want better wages
   And this is what we say
   \'We are out to right the wrong\'
   \'And now we shan\'t be long\'
   \'Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray\'

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