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Chumbawamba - Harry Goldthorpe

Tekst piosenki:

Bradford bad lad
   He\'s ripping up the room at the top
   Tubthumping have-not
   Never kept his gob shut
   Taking on the pal\'s batallion
   Who shove us to the bottom
   Give us nowt but trouble
   \'Here\'s a pittance for your silence\'
   Where did the chickens go?
   Must\'ve been a thousand now
   Why did they cross the road?
   To get to them that needs \'em on the other side!
   Bradford bad lad
   Never kept his gob shut
   Why should we always go without?
   When they have much and we have nowt?
   There are cracks and loopholes ten feet wide
   So load up t\'van and we\'ll eat tonight!
   These bloody fools in the chicken run
   Punch \'em on the nose and have done!

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