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Chumbawamba - Comic-tragic-magic

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Mummy, mummy, mummy
   I got a pain I got a pain in my tummy and it\'s hurting me
   I\'m well and truly shatted by it all stained and scarred
   And brutalized just by day to day living
   But the comic tragic magic is I\'m not dead yet
   I\'m not full submerged, I still got some life in me yet
   For my mummy, mummy, mummy earth, I\'m gonna stand by her
   Course the world was in a mess when I stuck my head out
   It\'s still in a mess, but I can see for myself now
   Soz I\'ve got to dash, I\'ve got to get my shit together
   Keep things moving and make myself useful
   For my mummy, mummy, mummy, my mummy, mummy
   My mummy, mummy, mummy earth, I hear her calling me

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