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Chumbawamba - Adversity

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Thirty years of the same old shit
   Of music, money, hit after hit
   Smiles, lies, sales, walls
   That\'s thirty years of rock and roll
   They changed it\'s name once or twice
   Get rebellious with a company deal
   Business thrives where honesty fails
   Contracts? Con tricks!
   Sing revolution, wait \'til it starts
   One eye on the bank account, one on the charts
   Government-sponsored rebellion--buy it!
   A bit more product to keep us quiet!
   Product sells, people die
   Same revolution, wrapped in lies
   In these sexist, drugged-up, rock and roles
   The biggest prizes to the biggest fools
   Ask the puppet-masters who pull the strings
   \'Who makes the money when the puppets sing?\'
   Ask the corporations
   \'Where does the money go?\'
   Ask the empty-bellied children
   \'Tell me what are we singing for?\'
   Until we pull down the walls
   It\'ll stay the same
   Until we find something new
   Make it change
   I know there most be more
   So what are we singing for?
   These puppets, underneath the skin, have the same problems as you and me--they want to be loved, don\'t know where to begin. Just a wall\'s width away, but impossible to get close. Offstage, with nothing to hide behind, the puppets are running away. And meanwhile, we\'re running away from ourselves... and meanwhile, we\'re running away from ourselves... and meanwhile, we\'re running away from ourselves...
   If our music makes you happy or content
   It has failed
   If our music entertains, but doesn\'t inspire
   It has failed
   The music\'s not a threat
   Action the music inspires can be a threat!
   I know there must be more...

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