Teksty piosenek / C / Chumbawamba

  Act with mother


  A fairy tale

  After shelley


  All in vain

  All mixed up

  All the king's men

  Always tell the voter


  A morality play

  An interlude-beginning to take it back




  Bad dog

  Because i'm a he



  Big mouth strikes again

  British colonialism and the BBC

  Can't think - must work


  Catastrophe reality

  Celebration, Florida

  Chartist anthem

  Chase PCs flee

  Colliers march


  Commercial break

  Creepy crawling

  Declaring peace


  Don't pass go

  Don't try this at home

  Drip drip drip

  Dumbing down

  Dutiful servants and political masters

  Education (part I)

  Education (part II)

  Enough is enough

  Farewell to the crown

  Feel like i'm fixin to die' rag

  Fight the alton Bill


  Flesh and blood and feelings


  Football song


  Give the anarchist a cigarette

  God save the Queen

  Hanging on the old barbed wire

  Happiness is just a chant away

  Harry Goldthorpe

  Heartbreak hotel

  Heaven hell

  Here's to the rest of your life

  Her majesty

  Home with me


  House plants

  Idris strike song

  I'm in trouble again

  I'm with stupid

  I never gave up



  Irish joke

  I want more

  Jack Horner

  Jesus in Vegas

  Jingle smells



  Kiss, kiss, kiss

  Last taxi ride

  Lay people


  Lie lie lie

  Look! no strings

  Love me

  Man papers his crack

  Mary, Mary


  More whitewashing

  Mouthful of shit

  Nadzeroon el babo

  Never let go

  Nothing that's new

  Not the girl i used to be

  One by one

  On the day the nazi died


  Pass it along

  Poverty knock

  Remembrance day


  Salt fare, north sea

  Saying no


  Scare city

  Seven days

  Sewing up crap

  Shake baby shake


  Shock! horror

  Slag aid



  Smart bomb

  Snip snip snip

  Sometimes plunder


  Stitch that

  Sugar daddy

  The big issue

  The birmingham six

  The cutty wren

  The diggers song

  The Good ship lifestyle

  This girl


  Top of the world (Ole ole ole)



  When i'm bad


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