Teksty piosenek / C / Chris de Burgh

  A celebration

  All the love i have inside

  Always on my mind

  A night on the river

  Another rainbow

  A rainy night in Paris

  A spaceman came travelling

  A woman's heart

  Bal masque

  Blonde hair, blue jeans



  Broken wings

  Brother John

  By my side

  Carry me

  Carry on


  Crying and laughing

  Diamond in the dark


  Dont look back

  Dont pay the ferryman

  Eastern wind

  Every drop of rain

  Fatal hesitation

  Fire on the water

  Five past dreams

  Five past dreams

  Flying home


  For Rosanna



  Guilty secret

  Heart of darkness

  Here for you

  Here for you

  Here is your paradise

  High on emotion

  High on emotion

  Hold on

  I had the love in my eyes

  Im counting on you

  Im going home

  Im not scared anymore

  I see you everywhere

  Just another poor boy

  Just a word away

  Lady In Red

  Lady in red

  Leather on my shoes


  Light a fire

  Living on the island

  Lonely sky

  Missing you

  Old friend

  Patricia the stripper

  Read my name

  Rose of England

  Sailing away

  Ship to shore

  Simple truth, the

  Snow is falling

  So beautiful


  Spanish train

  Suddenly love

  Tender hands

  The getaway

  The journey

  The last time i cried

  The painter

  The revolution

  The risen lord

  The road to freedom

  The same sun

  The tower

  The words

  This song for you

  What you mean to me

  When i think of you

  Where peaceful waters flow

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