Teksty piosenek / C / Children of Bodom

  Angels don't kill

  Bed of razors

  Black widow

  Bodom after midnight

  Bodom beach terror

  Children of bodom

  Children of decadence


  Deadnight warrior

  Don't stop at the top


  Every time i die

  Follow the reaper


  Hate crew deathroll

  Hate me


  In the shadows

  Kissing the shadows

  Lake bodom

  Lil blooded ridin hood

  Mask of sanity

  Needled 24-7

  Northern comfort

  Red light in my eyes (part1)

  Red light in my eyes (part2)

  Shot in the dark

  Silent night bodom night

  Silent scream


  Taste of my scythe

  The nail

  Touch like angel of death

  Towards dead end

  Tripple corpse hammerblow


  Wrath within

  Your're better Ooff dead

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