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Cheeky Girls - Celebration

Tekst piosenki:

   It\'s your day, your special day
   We all are here to celebrate
   It\'s once a year your happy day
   The light goes out but time stays still
   There is no-one that can stop you
   Scream and shout it\'s so good
   Feel the beat and feel the music
   It is time for cheeky dance
   S.O.S. it\'s a celebration
   S.O.S. cos it\'s partytime
   S.O.S. it\'s a celebration
   S.O.S. and it\'s time for fun
   It\'s your night, oh what a night
   Give me a kiss and we\'ll celebrate
   I\'m just a girl, and you\'re just a boy
   All things I want, I want with you
   Repeat Bridge
   Repeat Chorus
   Middle 8
   Celebrate oh yeah
   Celebrate so good
   Celebrate let\'s go (repeat)
   Repeat chorus to end

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