Teksty piosenek / C / Cheap Trick


  Ain't that a shame

  All i really want to do

  All we need is a dream

  All wound up

  Are you lonely tonight

  Auf wiedersehen

  Baby loves to rock

  Back'n blue

  Big eyes



  California man

  Can't hold on

  Can't stop fallin into love

  Can't stop it but i'm gonna try

  Clock strikes ten

  Come on, come on

  Cry, cry

  Dady should have stayed in highschool

  Dancing the night away

  Don't be cruel

  Don't make our love a crime


  Dream police

  Elo kiddies

  Everything works if you let it

  Four letter word

  Ghost town


  Go for the throat

  Gonna raise hell

  Good girls go to heaven


  Hard to tell

  Heaven's falling

  Heaven tonight

  Hello there

  He's a whore

  High priest of rhythmic noise

  High roller

  Hot love

  How about you

  How are you

  I can't take it

  I can't understand it

  I don't love here anymore

  If you want my love

  If you want my love

  I know what i want

  I'll be with you tonight

  I love you honey but i hate your friends

  I must be dreaming

  Invaders of the heart

  It's up to you

  I want be man

  I want you

  I want you to want me

  Just got back

  Kiss me red

  Let go

  Little sister

  Lookin out for number one


  Love comes a thumblin down

  Love's got a hold on me


  Man u lip u later

  Mighty wings

  My gang

  Name of the game

  Need your love

  Never had a lot to lose

  Next position please

  No mercy

  Oh, Candy

  Oh Caroline

  One on one

  On the radio

  On top of the world

  Oo la la la

  Rearview mirror romance

  Rock all night

  Saturday at midnight

  She's got motion

  She's tight

  So good to see you

  Southern girls


  Speak now or forever

  Standing on the edge

  Stiff competition

  Stop this game


  Take me i'm yours

  Take me to the top

  Takin me back

  Taxman, Mr. Thief

  Tell me everything

  The ballad of tv violence

  The doctor

  The flame

  This house is rockin

  This time around

  Time is runnin

  Tonight it's you


  Walk away

  Way of the world

  Where would i be

  Woke up with a monster

  Won't take no for an answer

  World's greatest lover

  Writing on the wall

  Wrong side of love

  Younger girls

  You're all i wanna do

  You say jump

  You talk too much


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