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Cheap Sex - Out On Your Own

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18 years old and you know it all
  feeling like your back's up against the wall
  nobody ever fucking listens to you
  time to pack your bags, do what you've gotta do
  catch the first train out of this town
  fuck off to all those who put you down
  no money in your pocket, but that's all right
  out on your own in the city, the city tonight...
  [Chorus: (x2)]
  this is my life
  i've always listened to you
  never seemed to get the message through
  just to bad that you never could see
  now im gonna live my life just for me
  met up with the wrong kids in the town
  out all night, just hangin' around
  mom and dad a thousand miles away
  drunk and high all night and day
  got busted one night for selling a fix
  big price to pay for getting your kicks
  now you don't even know who you are
  and what you once knew
  seems oh so far...

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