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Cheap Sex - Launch Off To War

Tekst piosenki:

the death toll will rise
  as we launch off to war
  for revenge and your oil
  we are coming for you
  look up in the sky
  and see the bombs falling down
  cause life doesn't matter
  when it's not on our ground
  the screams of a child
  and the death of a man
  and now we're killing for gas
  out in the sand
  protecting the peace...
  ...but spilling the blood...
  all hope's for a future
  are buried in mud.
  [Chorus: (x2)]
  launch off to war
  launch off to war
  what the fuck are we fighting for?
  launch off to war
  launch off to war
  a bloody way to settle the score.
  so sound the alarm
  now there's no turning back
  and while you're asleep
  is when we'll attack
  the flags will be flown,
  and the banners will wave
  until the day
  that we're all in our grave.

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