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Cheap Sex - Dick Cheney

Tekst piosenki:

he is the biggest crook in town
  he shut his eyes when the scandals were found
  work all your life to grow old and retire
  and now you're life savings just went up in fire
  cheney, up to his neck in scandal...
  you're too ... out of control to handle
  dick cheney you're a sign of the times
  dick cheney you're not a friend of mine
  fat men in suits told you to invest
  in the stocks and collect interest
  then while you didn't look ....
  ... profits were inflated on the books
  dick cheney you're a part of the scam
  you're a big fat slob for good ol' uncle sam
  stickin' to what you know best ....
  looking out for your own interests!
  [Chorus (x2)]
  better lock your safes tonight
  cause cheney and the boys are out tonight!
  (watch your pockets, watch your purses)
  don't bother looking out for yourselves
  cause cheney wants a piece, a piece of your wealth!

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