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Cheap Sex - Backstabber

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i saw you give that look to me
  my eyes were blind, my hands we're tied
  but now i fucking see
  you're talking shit with all your friends
  sick of your lies, you i despise
  it's gonna fucking end
  you're a backstabber, a backstabber
  you're a backsabber
  scumbag full of shit and lies
  a backstabber, backstabber
  it's you that i fucking despise
  tough guy behind the computer screen
  well you are shit, you are nothing, do you know what i mean?
  who fucking pays to see you?
  no one cares, or gives two shits about what you do
  spreading gossip bullshit and lies
  high school drama in your eyes
  tomorrow you won't even be a punk
  leather jacket rotting in the trunk.

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