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Cauterize - I'll Cry Tomorrow

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Wake me when it's over,
  I don't feel much like crying tonight.
  Please tell me that you're leaving.
  I don't feel much like holding you tight.
  I love you even though I hate this thing that we've become.
  I need you even though I can live without this.
  I know that I should probably hurt so bad but I can't feel a thing.
  I know that I should probably say something but I can barely breathe.
  And I'm sorry if I'm giving up too easy
  I just don't have the strength to fight no more.
  My throat is sore from pleading.
  I don't feel much like singing tonight.
  If I can stop the bleeding I know that I will be alright.
  I'll forget your bitter taste when you pull your lips away.
  I'll forget the way you feel and the chill of your embrace.
  I'll forget the way you look.
  Don't wanna remember your face.
  Let's just cut this clean tonight and maybe I'll cry tomorrow.
  Explain the way you feel, you said to me.
  I simply feel nothing and honestly I'd like to leave.

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