Teksty piosenek / C / Cat Stevens

  1001 Dreams

  18th avenue

  A bad night

  A bad penny

  A is for Allah


  Another saturday night

  Baby get your head screwed on

  Back to the good old times

  Bad brakes

  Banapple gas


  Blackness of the night


  Boy with moon

  Bring another bottle baby

  But i might die tonight

  Canges 4

  Can't keep it in

  Cat's in the cradle

  Ceylon city

  Changes iv

  Child for a day

  Come on and dance



  Don't be shy


  Father and son

  Fill my eyes

  Foreigner suite

  Freezing steel

  Ghost town

  Glad i'm alive

  God is the light


  Hard headed woman

  Here comes my baby

  Here comes my wife


  Home in the sky

  Honey man

  How can i tell you

  How many times


  If i laugh

  If you want to be free

  If you want to sing out

  I love my dog

  I love them all

  Image of hell

  I'm gonna be king

  I'm gonna get me a gun

  I'm so sleepy

  Into white

  I think i see the light

  It's a super dupa life

  I've found a love

  I've got a thing

  I wish, i wish


  Just another night



  Killin time

  King of trees


  Lady D'Arbanville

  Land o'free love & goodbye

  Last lovesong




  Longer boats

  Love lives in the sky

  Lovely city

  Majik of majiks

  Matthew and son

  Maybe you're right

  Miles from nowhere

  Mona bone jakon

  Monad's anthem

  Moon shadow


  Morning has broken



  New York times

  Nothern wind

  Novim's nightmare

  O caritas

  Oh very young

  Old schoolyard

  On the road to find out

  Peace train

  Pop star

  Portobello road





  Sad Lisa

  Say he is Allah

  School is out

  Seal of the prophet

  Silent sunlight


  Smash your heart

  Sun - C 79


  Sweet Jamaica

  Sweet Scarlet

  Tea for the Tillerman

  The day they make me tzar

  The first cut is the deepest

  The hurt

  The joke

  The laughing apple

  The tramp

  The view from the top

  The wind


  To be a star


  Tuesday's dead

  Two fine people


  We luv deez hoez

  West Savannah

  Wheelz of steel

  When i speak to the flowers

  Where are you

  Where do the children play

  Wild world

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