Teksty piosenek / C / Cardigans

  03.45: No Sleep

  After All ...

  A Good Horse

  And Then You Kissed Me

  Beautiful One

  Been It

  Black Letter Day

  Blah Blah Blah


  Celia Inside


  Closing Time

  Cloudy Sky


  Couldn't Care Less

  Country Hell

  Daddy's Car


  Do You Believe


  Erase / Rewind


  Feathers And Down


  For What It's Worth

  Gordon's Gardenparty

  Great Divide

  Hanging Around

  Happy Meal II


  Hey! Get Out Of My Way


  I Figured Out

  In The Afternoon

  Iron Man

  Junk Of The Hearts

  Last Song

  Lead Me Into The Night

  Live And Learn



  Marvel Hill

  Mr. Crowley

  My Favourite Game

  Nasty Sunny Beam

  Never Recover

  Our Space

  Over The Water



  Plain Parade

  Please Sister

  Pooh Song

  Rise & Shine

  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

  Seems Hard

  Sick & Tired


  Step On Me

  Sunday Circus Song

  The Boys Are Back In Town


  Travelling With Charley


  You're The Storm

  Your New Cuckoo

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