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Capleton - Critics

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   This be the truest shit I ever said
   A nigga might wind up dead
   with money comes bad times
   these days you got to have a strong mind
   I grew up as a motherfucken thug
   An outkast couldn\'t do shit but slang drugs
   In and out of jail ain\'t no place to be
   i\'m not short dog but I just want to be free
   made a lot of money do dirt pulling capers
   don\'t give a fuck who I hurt
   You wonder why a nigga can\'t sleep man
   because I got the blood of my dead brother on my hand
   A true nigga can\'t rest g
   till these bitch ass niggas get the fuck from around me
   you sport the tank but your not a real soldier
   would you die for this shit \"no\" P I told ya
   your true to the game but your ain\'t true to me
   nigga be yourself you can\'t be me or P
   my veins pump no limit blood from day one nigga
   ask Big Ed he put it on his only son
   chorus 2x
   I got a few niggas want me dead
   anticipating my death for the shit I said
   huh true soldiers true niggas
   motherfucking blood true love thugg figues
   bitch niggas be plotting on me
   behind close doors niggas hola when you see me
   P said if you going to get\'em
   get\'em shoot first and make sure you hit em
   I can\'t lose another tank dog
   one more dead and watch no limit go off
   y\'all ain\'t ready for war
   I leave niggas tripping off the shit that they saw
   I known for taking niggas out in street murder one
   muthafucker check my rap sheet
   I thank P for taking me out the game
   put the mike in my hand and gave me my name
   Chorus 2x

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