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Capdown - The Neverlution

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You claim to be freed
  To see the need for a change
  So isn't it strange
  That you're just the same
  It's lame, you cannot explain
  Half of the things that you claim are the answer
  It can't take this
  We must break this
  You don't think, just obey
  You swallow every word they ever say
  This ain't no fuckin' different way
  Just another version of the same
  And you must admit you're part to blame
  I don't deny, I do respect how hard you seem to try
  But I know I'll watch it fade and die
  As life leads you and breaks your codes
  Even though you claim compromise ain't in your deal
  We both know we don't want this
  And it don't take much to see
  That a whole new set of problems
  Ain't gonna set us free
  We both know we don't want this
  So why don't we take our stand
  Join together cos I know for one that I have had enough
  Take a step back from your stupid fuckin' rules and your codes
  For livin' life 'real' on 'the left'
  It's time join and make a stand
  It's time to join and demand
  Thanks to PuNkSpUnKiNmYeYe (cutiebabie1@hotmail.com) for these lyrics

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