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Capdown - Pound For The Sound

Tekst piosenki:

Oh dear its your nightmare
  coz its started and we're laughing
  you aint taking nothing nowhere
  oh dear its your nightmare
  strangers united and now freedom fighters
  create another law and we'll find another way
  Cos you try to close us down
  but take a look around
  theres only so much bullshit people are gonna sit and take
  this time
  you're to late
  in numbers and empowered by 6K of bass
  These are sad time of capital crimes
  its all got a price and a law to govern you
  dictated consumption
  in each and every way and everything that you wanna do
  these are sad times of capital crimes
  but we still defy
  mans original virtue productive action as we dance in peace
  and so what you gonna do?
  We're all freedom fighters
  coz these sounds unite us

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