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Capdown - Dealer Fever

Tekst piosenki:

you say it's driving you insane
  but you'll never be the same,
  cos you'll lose all the power
  that's in your head
  well i knew him back from skool days
  so i caught him right before
  he got hismself and ego and gave his life to selling draw
  i understand his problems
  but he lost me with his answers
  and know he's looking round for someone else to blame
  you're acting like we're not the same
  like selling drugs should bring you fame
  but i dont see
  it aint your prowess that keeps them knocking at you door
  you is the man you think you're godfather
  untill the baylon them gone come after
  oh what a shame
  you were gonna be so different
  now the greed's takin' over
  oh what a shame
  cos your thingking was so different
  but now ths greed's taking over
  it's the dealer fever
  you gotta break from the fever.

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