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Canibus - Talkin' the talk - HRSMN

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   feat. Killah Priest, Kurupt
  [Intro: Kurupt]
  Underdig, underdig that
  Pull it back
  Blast, pull his wig back
  It's like that
  Lil' bitch niggaz
  [Chorus x2: Kurupt]
  Everybody thinkin' that they Talkin' the Talk
  Everybody thinkin' that they walkin' the walk
  Nigga watch out, shit's about to spark
  Nigga cuz ya just can't do it, nigga we run through it
  You don't have a broad enough bandwidth to understand 'Bis
  Like what if - I changed my name to CAN-I-RIP
  Tell me, would you understand it?
  Or does it trouble you?
  Is it too much over your head, does it puzzle you?
  I can rap about whateva the fuck I want
  What's wrong with rappin' about whateva the fuck I'd done
  Visually and verbally, I'm hi-res cutting edge
  and if you know Rakim then you should Know the Ledge
  I know I do, get everything I've ever rhymed to
  staple it together and you got a fuckin bible
  Let me remind you, records like Beasts from the East
  proove that I crucify you
  if I ever get to rap behind you.
  What about the freestyles I put on vinyl
  for DJs and hiphop heads to get hype to
  Besides who raps like I do?
  If you ever heard I'm not the best you bein' lied to
  Here's a FYI to I can rip
  but you don't have the mental bandwith to understand Bis
  Niggaz wanna talk the talk
  but when they get their feet chopped off
  they can't walk the walk
  Bitch niggaz..
  [Chorus x2]
  Now I could rap about whateva the fuck I want
  Is it wrong to rap about whateva the fuck I want?
  Fill the body bags, off the commando Volvo
  Sendin' bodies home in car loads
  In my former life my name was Ricardo
  People used to tease me and call me retardo
  Then got it started to whoopin' niggaz retarded
  Rambunkious, raidin' niggaz, ricocheted it
  Power as Foreman, electric stormin'
  Horsemen stormin', ragin' war in
  Negligence, poetic Pegasus
  Nigga, smoke forms in the form of pestilence
  I reign, like snow and hail
  And sour like Concords, "Boy, is that yo shit?
  Is that yo bitch?"
  Better get a nigga cuz she on the Horsemen dick (Bitch)
  Lyrical linguistic twist shit like licorice sticks
  Comin' with a glock and a clip {*imitiating gun sounds*}
  Verbals on job like missles when the AK's spit
  Runnin' shit like the St. Lunatics
  Bitch niggaz
  [Killah Priest]
  I spit verses similar to curses
  Have nurses closin' up the curtains
  Callin' up surgeons, hookin' ya body up to circuits
  But ya condition just worsens
  to the point ya lungs and ya heart stop workin'
  'Til ya carried off into churches then leave off into hurses
  Play six feet Beneath the Surface
  Along with the worms and the serpents
  But I be somewhere in Persian wearin' turbans
  Herbalist, the verbalist, the thoroughest
  Some kind of divine therapist
  Come back to the states as a terrorist
  Wearin' a face like I never exist
  Pull out the Beretta and I spit
  Cops touch me then I sever they wrist
  Ask yourself what type of era this is
  It's the era of the horses, Priest the Horseman
  Priest the Horseman, keep talkin'
  [Chorus x2]
  [Outro: Kurupt]

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