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Canibus - Reebok commercial part II

Tekst piosenki:

   Beware, if E equals MC squared
  Than A.I. equals ankles in intensive care
  The answer keeps you glued to the ground suspended in air
  The answer to every prayer for every player everywhere
  Try to compare
  Try to block the shot if you dare
  You get the best seat in the house, it?s called the wheelchair
  The math ?umopis?, you should be a reebok owner
  Killer crossovers split opponent?s in half like moses
  All contenders are left defenseless
  They end up in hospital beds with swollen tendens, takin? anit-depressants
  They can?t seem to deal with them pressure
  I came to give you this message
  I got the ammo for your weapons, and the answer for your question

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