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Canibus - Psych evaluation

Tekst piosenki:

  Some say the pen overpowers the sword
  The video camera is just as powerful when it records
  Appallin' footage of cops breakin' the law
  Mad at you because of what you saw, now they breakin' ya jaw
  I been accused, of bein' internally preoccupied
  'Cause the rhymes talk to me, and I talk to the rhymes
  Clinically induced impulses reveal what's hidden
  Written prescriptions, given by qualified clinicians
  Lafayette peg boards be spinnin on turn tables
  To determine the motor coordination available
  Those able to speak what I spoke, repeat my quotes
  My systematic treatment approach, be deep in they throats
  I inject the frontal lobe of the brain with a lethal dose
  Of unspeakable dope, worse than opium smoke
  Well-spoken like Washington Post, or a Fox News Network host
  Scale intelligence like Wechsler Adults
  Nonnormative data, brain storage matter couldn't capture
  A couple years ago they had to put it on Napster
  Ressurect Rip the Jacker, rip these rappers
  For every second the clock ticks, I'm a attack ya
  The C-A-N dash I dash
  B-U-S gets the last laugh, before the critical mass
  In half the speed of a bulb flash
  Fire engulf that ass, into a mole hill of charcoal ash
  Only to be blown away by a cold draft
  Wack emcees got no chance, it's so sad
  They say to Canibus, "Will you ever run out of things to say?
  How much breath can a man breathe in a day?"
  Needless to say, I think it's kinda deep in a way
  People be like "Bis is too ill, keep him away"
  It's a good thing I got patience
  I been waitin here longer than Dr. Levinson's time equations
  Tryin' to figure out what made men
  Was it inflation, or are we just a product of the apes then
  You think because I'm not on a major I can't bus'
  And because I come from the ghetto that I can't adjust
  Yeah my disposition was rough
  But it turned me into a quick learner, all I need now is some luck
  I used to be a undisciplined piece of fecal matter
  A underdog rapper, but I closed that chapter
  I deal wit my adaptive difficulty faster
  And question my projected technique as a rapper
  I've lost interest in the battle glory and glamor
  But I cant control Rip the Jacker, when he gets amped up
  It doesn't matter, we all got a dark side
  A loud mouth, Mau Mau from the Apartheid
  Yo you wanna earn your respect, then come to micclub dot net
  And see if you can impress the best

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