Teksty piosenek / C / Canibus

  100 Bars

  2000 B.C.

  2nd round K.O.

  A different vibe in L.A.

  Aids is gold, HIV is platinum

  Allied meta-forces

  Beasts from the ease

  Behind enemy rhymes

  Bis vs. rip

  Box cutter

  Boyz 2 men

  Buckingham palace

  Can't stop the shining


  Cenior studies 02

  Channel zero


  C section

  C true Hollywood stories

  Curriculum 101


  Die slow

  Doomsday news

  Draft me

  Drama A/T

  Dr. C Phd

  Falster ego


  Get off ya knees

  Get retarded

  Gone till november

  Gotta get that doe

  Hate u 2


  Here 4 free



  Hott tonight

  How come

  How we roll


  I gotta story 2 tell

  I honor u

  I'll buss 'em you punish 'em


  It's logic

  Lemme hear somethin else

  Let's ride

  Liberal arts

  Life liquid

  Lost @ "C"

  Luv u 2

  Make a name for ourselves

  Master thesis


  M sea cresy

  Music makes me high

  My home Atlanta

  My name is nobody


  Nigganometry (Part 2)

  No airplay

  No return


  Patriots (remix)

  Poet laureate


  Psych evaluation

  Real shit

  Reebok commercial

  Reebok commercial part II

  Rip rock

  R u lyrically fit

  Second round K.O.

  Shout out to lost boyz

  Shove this jay-oh-bee

  Showtime at the gallow

  Some shit

  Talkin' the talk - HRSMN

  The brainstream (intro)

  The C-quel

  The grand deception

  The rip off

  U didn't care


  Watch who you beef wid

  What's going on

  Who owns you

  Who stopped ya

  Ya teef iz yellow

  You can't fuck with the Canibus man

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