Teksty piosenek / C / Candlemass

  Abstract sun

  A cry from the crypt


  Ancient dreams



  A sorcerer's pledge

  A tale of creation

  At the gallows end

  Bearer of pain


  Black eyes

  Black stone wielder

  Blumma apt

  Crystal ball

  Cyclo F

  Dark are the veils of death

  Darkness in paradise

  Dark reflections


  Demons gate



  Elephant star

  Epistle No.81


  Incarnation of evil

  I still see the black

  Julie laughs no more


  Lidocain dog

  Mirror mirror

  Mourner's lament



  Somewhere in nowhere

  Soothe me into oblivion


  Temple of the dead

  The bells of Acheron

  The dying illusion

  The ebony throne

  The edge of heaven

  The end of pain

  The prophecy

  The well of souls

  Through the infinitive halls of death


  Under the oak

  Where the runes still speak


Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki