Teksty piosenek / C / Camouflage



  A picture of life

  A place in China

  Back to heaven

  Bad news

  Bitter sweet


  Bondage people



  Cut friends


  Days run wild


  Feeling down

  From ay to bee

  Fuck friends



  Heaven (I want you)

  Helpless helpless

  Here she comes

  I can't feel you

  I'll follow behind

  In your ivory tower

  I once had a dream



  Les rues


  Love is a shield

  Me and you




  One fine day

  On islands

  Pedestrian's adventures


  Real shit

  Seize your day

  Shitty baby

  Sooner than we think



  Spice crackers

  Stangers thoughts

  Suspicious love

  That smiling face

  The great commandment

  These eyes

  They catch secrets


  This day

  Time is over



  What for

  Where has the childhood gone

  Where the happy live

  Winner takes nothing


  Your skinhead is the dream

  Your turn

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki