Teksty piosenek / C / Camel

  A heart's desire

  Air born

  Another night



  City life

  Cloak and dagger man


  Down on the farm



  End of the day

  End of the line



  Go west

  Harbour of tears


  Highways of the sun

  Hymn to her

  Irish air

  Lady fantasy

  Last eyes of Ireland



  Long goodbyes

  Lost and found




  Mother road

  Mystic queen

  Neon magic

  Never let go

  No easy answer

  Please come home

  Rainbow's end



  Remote romance

  Rose of Sharon

  Send out the slates



  Slow your self down

  Song within a song

  Spirit of the water

  Starlight ride

  Straight to my heart

  Summer lightning

  Tell me

  The final encore

  The procession

  Today's goodbye

  Uneven song



  Watching the bobbins

  West Berlin

  Who we are

  Wing and a prayer

  You are the one

  You make me smile

  Your love is stranger than mine

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki